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Introduction of LAB-KA Ltd.

LAB-KA Ltd is a small family enterprise which according to the Deed of Association practices commercial, production and service operations and microbiological investigations.

LAB-KA Ltd was established in 1997 for commerce of laboratory materials, instruments and diagnostics. The commerce of laboratory material means plastic, glass and metal appliances for mainly medical, food industrial and water laboratories  just as from 2001 distributes ready to use sterile culture medias (Our company: Novagél 2001 Ltd) and dehydrated culture medias. The products are delivered to our partners in quality preserving conditions.

Our new site on 750 square meter was opened in 2006.  In our certified laboratory we have been microbiological investigating on food and raw materials since 2008.

We are in touch with our partners through partner visits, professional consultations, mails, facsimiles and e-mails.


A key feature of our policy is to distribute high quality level of products at an affordable price and assure a high standard service for our partners. To raise the volume of sales at any cost is not our goal. Fruitful and long-term partnerships are more important for us.  In the short term we focus on increasing the customer satisfaction and our goal is to reliably and promptly meet their requirements. Irrespective of size, we treasure our partners equally. Our product range and proficiency enable companies to procure useful applications and raw materials.

The best advertisement for us is when our partners recommend us to others. 

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